Geno Dew

Geno Dew

General Manager

Geno Dew is the General Manager of Marbled & Fin, the latest concept from The Neighborhood Dining Group, an award-winning restaurant group based in Charleston, SC.

Born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and raised in central Mississippi, Dew helped tend his family’s large garden and raise livestock. This intimate understanding of food sourcing blossomed with a move to the Bay Area for college at San Francisco State University. Dew took a job at a local restaurant and never looked back, reveling in the dynamic energy of the restaurant scene and delving deep into a newfound passion for the world of wine. His career arc has included roles at Bix and Chaya Brasserie in San Francisco, Bella Luna in New Orleans, Area 31 in Miami, and Atlas and New York Prime in Atlanta. Dew also worked as a Task Force manager with Kimpton and Tavistock, a role that took him to great culinary cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Chicago, and Boston.

As the General Manager of Marbled & Fin, Dew helps his team grow and flourish both personally and professionally. He prides himself on discovering what each person is seeking from their respective positions and empowering them to achieve both team and individual goals. He’s honored to execute the exciting vision for Marbled & Fin alongside the renowned team at The Neighborhood Dining Group.

Dew’s passion for delicious food and excellent hospitality extends beyond the walls of the restaurant. In his spare time, he loves procuring high quality ingredients from specialty grocers, butchers, and farmers’ markets, as well as planning and preparing meals for loved ones. He also travels frequently to New York and Miami to dine out, visit museums and galleries, and attend food, wine, and art festivals.